Mechanical Manufacturing

J C Smale has earned a reputation throughout the industry for delivering high-quality outcomes in mechanical manufacturing.

Our expertise includes fabrication, machining, painting, assembly, on-site installation and commissioning services.


The team at J C Smale has extensive experience in the manufacture of a wide variety of structures, equipment and machinery.

With versatile skillsets across several industries, production runs and projects, we can fabricate and weld a range of constructions. These range from the most basic mild steel pieces to complex steel work structures and complicated stainless steel items for the mining industry.


CNC machining facilities at J C Smale enable the team to deliver complex precision engineering in mild and stainless steel, together with a range of other alloys.

Milling and turning operations are performed with all operations fully automated and repeatable for either extended production runs of identical components or one-off specialised projects.


Projects are fully assembled in the workshop and thoroughly tested and checked prior to shipment, ensuring that performance will meet specification on delivery.

If required, the J C Smale team is equipped to manage all aspects of installation and commissioning. This includes coordinating truck arrivals, off-loading equipment, erecting and assembling components before performing the final inspection, start-up and commissioning process. Operator training and maintenance instruction services can also be provided.