J C Smale is proud to be a Licensed Agent for NETZSCH, an international technology company headquartered in Germany, creating products that are used around the world.


We are privileged to maintain an exclusive commercial partnership with NETZSCH, focussed on delivering innovative solutions in association with the company’s Grinding & Dispersing unit.

These products make a significant contribution to the success of businesses involved in the production of high-quality paints, food products, coatings, printing inks, ceramics, adhesives, sealants and pharmaceuticals.


J C Smale offers cutting-edge technology in collaboration with NETZSCH to enhance existing processes or meet new specifications in dispersing. Achieving efficient and effective wetting of dry products in mixing requirements can lead to reduced processing times and improved product quality.

NETZSCH’s extensive analysing and testing facilities offer customers the opportunity to validate their concepts. J C Smale provides support backed by the resources and expertise of an industry leader.


Together with NETZSCH, we provide advanced manufacturing equipment, services and solutions designed for paint and chemical businesses, incorporating specialised engineering innovations.