Headquartered at Clayton in Victoria, DuluxGroup operates a manufacturing site at Dandenong South as part of servicing its Australian supply chain.

Here, J C Smale worked with Dulux to install and integrate dispersing units supplied by industry partner NETZSCH. These units help to mix the product components together – dry pigment, resin, solvent and additive.

To date, J C Smale has installed three dispersing units – two with a capacity of 2,500 litres and one 5,000 litre unit. Installation has also involved the fabrication and connection of stainless steel piping, as well as the electrical programming required for the control system.

Now fully installed, J C Smale undertakes routine maintenance of the dispersing units, providing valued local support for the German manufacturer’s technology.

Another highly valued partnership of ongoing site and maintenance works resulted from this project.